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To coordinate the sale of your home with the purchase of your new one, your choice of a REALTOR® will make the difference between a hectic, frustrating time and a smooth, pleasant adventure.

Whether buying your first home or selling an old home and buying a new one, your REALTOR® can be of great assistance in negotiating and coordinating all the necessary transactions, from purchase and sales agreements through the closing and moving dates. North River Realty has the industry experience and the commitment to change this complicated task into an easy one. Here's how we can help you:

We will evaluate your home and advise you of many inexpensive things that will add buyer appeal and marketability.

Curb Appeal Exterior

  • Well maintained exterior
  • Foundations without cracks
  • Clean window casings, gutters, chimney, shutters, siding, doors and moldings
  • Anything that needs painting should be painted
  • Keep the sidewalks cleared
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim your bushes
  • Make sure visitors can clearly read your house number
  • Plant flowers

Curb Appeal Interior

  • Clean all the windows inside and out
  • Make sure floors, tiles, tubs, showers and faucets sparkle
  • Clean kitchen appliances, especially ranges, ovens, refrigerator and freezer — inside and out.
  • Give the carpets a good cleaning
  • Ensure there are clean filters in the heating and air conditioner
  • Repair squeaky floors and oil squeaky doors
  • Fix doors that don't close properly and kitchen drawers that jam
  • Ensure the faucets do not drip
  • De-clutter the rooms and the closets
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Clean and air out any musty smelling areas
  • Hang up fresh towels
  • Vacuum daily
  • Wax floors
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.

Once your home is ready to show, we will provide invaluable services to you:

  • Establish a fair asking price for your home, based on the location, economic conditions, supply-demand of the local market, seasonal influences, school availability in the area, the average home prices in the neighborhood, and the extra features and amenities of your home
  • Promote, advertise and market your home, using resources not available to homeowners who prefer to self-sell their homes
  • Schedule all showing appointments, negotiating times that are convenient for you.
  • Qualify interested buyers
  • Negotiate a sale price with the buyer

Other services we can provide:

  • Referrals for insurance, inspections, legal counsel and financing
  • Refer you to a lender for a bridge loan, if you need to purchase a new home before you have sold your current one.

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